Stainless Team Finland Oy has been designing and manufacturing metal structures and the necessary parts for the demanding needs of the industry since 1998. In our production facilities in Tervala, Suonenjoki, expertise in the handling of stainless and acid-proof steel is first class and is based on our staff’s expertise and modern machinery.

The professionalism and craftsmanship of our staff is based on vast experience gained through years of working in the metal industry. Our professional know-how, combined with functional production solutions, guarantees competitive, high-quality and innovative products for our customers.

“High-quality products, reliable delivery times, good production possibilities and flexibility towards our customers have made us a valued expert in the industry. It is important for us that our customers can trust our company as a supplier and that they are satisfied with our products, services and the way we operate. Our entire staff stands behind this principle,” says Antti Väisänen, CEO of Stainless Team Oy.


Stainless Team relies on customer orientation in its operations, and we have received
praise in particular for our reliability and accuracy over the years. “Our production processes are flexible and customer oriented. Our versatile production potential ensures that our products and services can be tailored to the needs and wishes of our customers. Thanks to the fast production processes, we are able to serve our customers even with short delivery times,” Väisänen comments on the company’s flexibility regarding individual needs.

Stainless Team specializes in demanding welding work, high-quality deep drawing products, versatile sheet metal fabrication and precision work laser cutting products. The company also has a wide range of its own products, which are largely made of Finnish stainless and acid-proof steel. Over the decades, Stainless Team Oy has become the leader in the production of stainless steel floor drains in the Finnish market. The company’s other production also grows and develops with the machinery and product innovation.


Stainless Team supplies its products for the demanding needs of companies operating in various sectors, such as the construction, forestry, brewing, food and shipbuilding industries. The company’s versatile services have also made it a popular and reliable partner for various subcontracting work in the metal industry.

“From large groups to small specialists, we have served the leading metal industry companies in Finland. Our customers rely on the versatility of our machinery and our expertise, from design to implementation. Continued cooperation is a sign of satisfied customers!”

Are you interested in working with a reliable operator, or are you looking for an implementer and partner for demanding subcontracting work?

Contact us and we’ll work out your needs together in a flexible way.