Stainless Team Finland's floor tanks awarded Key Flag

The Association for Finnish Work has awarded Suonenjoki-based Stainless Team Finland's floor tanks the Key flag symbol in recognition of a product made in Finland.

The Key Flag is a sign of Finnish work. The symbol can be awarded to a product that has been made in Finland. In addition, the right to use Key Flag Symbol can be awarded to products with a minimum domestic content of 50 percent of its break-even cost. The calculation takes into consideration all costs related to the product.

Kuravex protects your home from dirt

Finnish Kuravex is a handy tool to keep your home tidy. Located at the entrance, Kuravex stops shoes, feet and paws from bringing in garbage, mud, sand and other dirt, keeping it out of the vestibule, utility kitchen or even the porch.

The Kuravex floor drain set consists of detachable grating, a tile-moulded frame, sink and sediment container. The drain is manufactured from stainless steel, and grating can be manufactured either from RST steel or aluminium and rubber. Kuravex is easy to use: dirty outdoor boots, feet or paws are placed on Kuravex and sprayed with water; all the debris and dirt are then gathered in sediment container, while the water runs into the floor drain. Emptying the sediment container is easy; you just need to lift the grating and remove the sediment container for cleaning. The kit includes a handle for easy lifting of the stainless steel rack and clear installation instructions for different flooring materials.

When designing Kuravex, special attention has been paid to convenience and hygiene. The sinks are available for different flooring materials, such as concrete, tile / composite and vinyl flooring. Sediment containers are made using deep drawing, which makes the products very easy to clean.

Kuravex characteristics

  • Dimensions: 500 x 800 mm (see dimensions in the installation manual)
  • Deep-drawn sink / waterproof
  • Hygienic
  • Easy to maintain, safe
  • Removable grate and sediment container
  • Material: stainless steel

Kuravex is sold in HVAC and hardware supply stores.

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