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High-quality stainless steel products

Journey to a good product begins with a competent design. Our customer range is broad, covering companies in construction, foresty, brewing, food and shipbuilding industries. Diverse deep drawn and welding works, as well as sheet metal works and laser-cut sheet metal work products, represent our strongest expertise. Our operations are based to the ISO 9002 quality system. Moreover, we pay particular attention to the requirements of our customers and authorities. We can manufacture products based on customer's drawings or according to customer's specific requirements.

Professional staff, quality products and flexible service, combined with first-class production facilities, make us a respected player in our branch. We specialise in sheet metal fabrication, including deep drawing and laser cutting. We are also experts in pipe penetrations and prefabricated piping systems.

Stainless Team carries out even the most challenging assignments, such as load-bearing steel structures of EXC1 and EXC2 execution classes.

Quality assurance: Quality control pdf

Pipelines, pipe penetrations

  • Material: RST/acid-proof steel


  • Trumpf 2D laser cutting machines 2pcs, 4&5kW, table 1500*3000mm
  • Radial drill press, 1 pc - cone 4/5
  • Amada press brakes 3pcs, 25-220t, max lenght 3000mm
  • Tranemo, Lagan and APT deep drawing presses, 200 - 400t
  • Hydraulic / pneumatic press – 100t, 400*400*200
  • Hydraulic press – 60t, 20t
  • Eccentric presses 25-160t
  • Promecan plate shear -12mm/3000mm
  • Punching tools Ø 4-590mm, s=1-6mm
  • Deep drawing / pressing tools Ø 30-600mm
  • Roundo plate benging machine (pre-bending)
  • Plate bending machine, manual , 3pcs
  • Rotary machine Ø 60 / 1,5mm
  • Rotating devices 100-1000kg
  • Conveyour / Chamber washing machines, 2pcs
  • TIG, 20-450 A (pulse) AC/DC
  • MIG, MAG welder 253-500 A (pulse)
  • Plasma cutting
  • Spot welding
  • Circle welding
  • Length welding jigs. 2pcs L=1000-1500mm
  • Grinding/brushing and polishing machines
  • Surface treatment (acid pickling), 2pcs – pool 1000*2500*1000mm
  • Vibraring polishing equipment
  • Band saws, automatic 2 pcs, manual 1 pc, Ø 250mm
  • Lathes 4pcs
  • Milling machine